About NARU

The National Ambulance Resilience Unit

Our fundamental purpose

We provide reassurance that the NHS ambulance service remains ready and prepared to provide the best front-line healthcare to patients during the most complex incidents.

“When things go badly wrong, we all need to know that our ambulance staff have the best training, kit and equipment to help save as many lives as possible.”

“Funded by NHS England, NARU’s role is to ensure that patients receive the high quality of care they deserve and expect by working with the ten English NHS ambulance services to ensure effective responses to high-risk and complex emergency situations.”

“Ensuring that our specialist ambulance responders are kept as safe as possible while doing this work is of paramount importance. These dedicated men and women are frequently willing to put their own wellbeing on the line to provide care and save the lives of others and we at NARU are extremely proud to work alongside them.”

Keith Prior, National Director, NARU