International Links

NARU’s expertise in delivering highly trained and expertly equipped ambulance personnel – as well as its general policy input to national resilience planning – has become much sought after around the globe.

Dave Bull QAM, NARU Education and Command Training Lead is also responsible for co-ordinating international relations on behalf of NARU as most initial enquiries begin with queries related to our training activities.

NARU PRPS Training, Gibraltar

NARU PRPS Training, Gibraltar

International links are particularly welcomed by NARU because they are an excellent opportunity to benchmark training development and delivery against international standards, which ultimately improves the NHS ambulance response to major incidents.

The international relations work includes hosting foreign government and ambulance personnel in the UK, providing tours of the training facilities and sharing knowledge and expertise.

It also includes speaking at a range of international conferences and seminars, explaining how NHS ambulance services are tackling the growing emergency preparedness challenges of the modern world.

So far, strong and positive working links have been created between NARU and the USA, India, Holland, Israel, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

The NARU international relations programme has led to the development of an exchange programme between the US Department of Homeland Security (which has a similar remit to the NARU Training Faculty) and NARU.

For more information about the NARU international relations programme please contact .