Benefits Achieved Through NARU

NARU comprises a small team of subject matter experts with a wealth of experience from working in or with NHS ambulance services and other relevant agencies.

As a team it is well placed to act objectively and independently to:

  • act as a conduit between Department of Health / NHS Operations and ambulance trusts, providing:
    • a team of subject matter experts, up to date with ambulance EP priorities, risks and demands
    • full time support to trusts, commissioning bodies, NHS Operations and DH
    • a single point for provision of advice on turning policy into operations, and input from operations to influence the development of new policy
    • a patient focus to development of cross government policy initiatives including scientific research and development
    • an operational sensibility to academic policy thinking, putting requirements into operational context
    • instant professional response to the DH Incident Management Centre
  • centrally coordinate development and implementation of ambulance Emergency Preparedness Resilience & Response (EPRR) policies and procedures, providing:
    • a structure that encourages consensus and ownership across trusts, avoiding duplication or conflict of effort and resources
    • clear service specifications for EPR requirements within trusts
    • a central point of contact for multiagency partners at a strategic level
    • the ability to operate across government sectors
    • a central function and facilitation for trusts regarding stakeholder engagement resources and media management
  • ensure responses and initiative developments are proportional and provide value for money, by:
    • encouraging evidence-based best practice and consistency in approach among trusts
    • benchmarking EP capabilities and policy against other jurisdictions and international partners – NARU is widely recognised on the international EMS stage
    • undertaking thorough, scientifically-based processes for evaluation of the effectiveness of policy implementation and delivery
  • facilitate maintenance of national standards by providing:
    • flexible and adaptable, centrally provided training programmes
    • central procurement on behalf of NHS Trusts and devolved administrations
    • evaluation and horizon scanning of specialist assets – equipment & vehicles
    • an independent and objective assurance and audit function to assess trust capabilities and compliance with policy delivery