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A major unforeseen incident involving large numbers of casualties is a testing time for all healthcare professionals, especially the NHS ambulance service which is at the forefront of the immediate response.

However, the type of emergency preparedness planning that NARU undertakes nationally is also key to local NHS commissioners, who now have their own significant obligations as public bodies when commissioning local health services.

NARU will advise on all aspects of commissioning related to NHS Ambulance Service Emergency Preparedness Resilience and Response (EPRR) issues and help ensure they meet their statutory obligations and commission resilient services under important legislation such as the Civil Contingencies Act.

NARU works closely with commissioners to coordinate the effective delivery of several interoperable capabilities on behalf of NHS England and the Department of Health.

These capabilities include:

Some of these capabilities are funded directly from Central Government with NARU acting as the transfer mechanism to Trusts. Other capabilities are funded through standard NHS commissioning mechanisms.


Read the HART Commissioning Guidance

NARU works closely with a range of stakeholders, including commissioners, to develop service specifications for these specialist capabilities.

This is an important part of the contract provisions to ensure that national capabilities mandated through a series of Cabinet Office, Home Office and Department of Health strategies are effectively delivered and maintained at a local level.

Resources for Commissioners
The following film, Specialist Ambulance Capabilities: Information for Commissioners, was produced by NARU especially for commissioners across all NHS CCGs (version 2, April 2017).

Download the booklet
The document, NHS Ambulance Service National Resilience: Information for Commissioners, was published in January 2014 and is aimed at all ambulance commissioners.

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