Strategy & Objectives

Ensuring an effective and consistent ambulance response

Improving clinical outcomes during high-risk or complex emergencies

NARU works nationally on behalf of each NHS Ambulance Trust in England to provide a coordinated approach to emergency preparedness, resilience and response. Through central coordination, NARU enables NHS Ambulance Trusts to work together to provide a safe and reliable response to major, complex and potentially protracted incidents.

Our Strategic Aim for the 2019/20 business year is to support the NHS Ambulance Service to maintain an effective and consistent response to high-risk or complex emergencies, improving clinical outcomes.

Our Strategic Objectives for the 2019/20 business year are:

Corporate & Coordination

Provide a well governed, patient focused, service that offers value for money and is delivered through a motivated workforce. 

Quality & Improvement

Ensure interoperable capabilities remain safe, effective and compliant with national standards.  


Support an effective Ambulance Service response to major and complex emergencies by maintaining and enhancing the interoperable capabilities and national coordination arrangements. 

Education & Training

Increase Ambulance Service preparedness for dealing with major and complex emergencies through the provision of high-quality training and education aligned to the national risk register and current doctrine. 


Ensure all NARU activity remains patient focused and promotes the best patient outcomes.

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