Are flexitarians half-hearted vegetarians?

Can simply lowering meat consumption be considered a thing, or is it just “half-hearted” vegetarianism?

Families waiting too long for special needs support in England

Thousands of children with special educational needs wait more than 20 weeks for help, the BBC finds.

Biomarkers identified to help diagnose heart condition

Atrial fibrillation is the most common heart rhythm disturbance, affecting 1.6m people in the UK.

The ‘superwoman’ midwife of the mountains

After she had to give birth without any help, one Himalayan woman decided to train to become the first midwife in her area.

NHS long-term plan: Focus on prevention ‘could save 500,000 lives’

Bosses aim to focus on preventing ill-health as part of a plan to create an NHS fit for the 21st century.