Helping to maintain the interoperable capabilities at the national level

A nationwide responsibility

The NARU Capabilities Team supports local Ambulance Services to deliver an effective response to national emergencies and is involved in:

Development Projects: Working closely with stakeholders to successfully deliver a range of development projects including vehicle replacements, next generation protective equipment and capability enhancements.

National Procurement: Implementing national buying frameworks for specialist equipment to maintain service interoperability.

Being a Multi-Agency Interface: Being based at the Multi-Agency CBRN Centre within the College of Policing, the Capabilities Team works closely with Police, Fire and Military colleagues on a daily basis.

National Incident Coordination:  Managing and maintaining the National Ambulance Coordination Centre and mutual aid provisions to ensure assets can be effectively moved across the United Kingdom. 

National Logistics:  The Capabilities Team manage national stockpiles of specialist equipment including elements of the National Ambulance Service Strategic Reserve. 

The NARU Medical Director has a seat at NASMeD (National Ambulance Service Medical Directors Group) and Chairs the NASMeD Hazardous Area Sub-Group that agrees the clinical treatment policy and principles for NHS interventions within the inner cordon of incidents.

The team also provides specialist medical practitioner advice on EPRR matters to local Trusts and NHS England as required.

The National Ambulance Coordination Centre (NACC) – managed by the NARU Capabilities team, the National Ambulance Coordination Centre can be established in Birmingham or London and is used to coordinate the provision of Ambulance Service mutual aid in response to a national incident.

The National Directors of Operations Group (NDOG) is responsible for agreeing the requirement of a NACC and requesting its establishment. NARU is then responsible for setting up and initially running the NACC on behalf of Ambulance Trusts nationally.

National Exercising – NARU provides evaluators from the Capabilities Team for a wide range of exercises. These exercises range from local Ambulance Service specific exercises to large-scale international exercises. NARU evaluators review performance and provide constructive feedback as part of the exercise debriefing process. It is also useful for NARU to take the learning from these exercises and feed it back into national policy development and the review of specifications and service standards.

Central Logistics – The NARU central stores and national specialist equipment reserve stock are managed by the NARU Capabilities Team.