Quality & Improvement

Keeping specialist responders safe whilst taking calculated risks to improve clinical outcomes

Developing, monitoring, reviewing and improving national standards

Quality and Improvement is one of the constituent portfolios of the NARU Central Management Team.

NARU’s Quality and Improvement activities aim to keep specialist responders safe whilst taking calculated risks to improve the clinical outcomes of patients caught within dangerous environments.

NARU works closely with a range of stakeholders and our parent organisation, NHS England, to develop policy which is consistent with that balance of risk.

Delivering Quality and Improvement

The Quality and Improvement function within NARU develops mandatory minimum standards across a series of national capabilities and supports their ongoing maintenance.  These standards ensure that service specifications remain legally compliant and that specialist capabilities can be efficiently maintained locally to a nationally interoperable standard, meeting NHS and Central Government expectations.

Guidance and Local Support
The Quality and Improvement Team develops and publishes a wide range of national guidance material to support the local delivery of EPRR capabilities within Ambulance Trusts. Its staff also provide subject matter expertise as required and regularly visit local EPRR units to discover and share best practice.

Evaluation and Audit
The team is also responsible for a range of evaluation and audit activities as part of maintaining nationally interoperable capabilities. This includes the annual Resilience and Capabilities Survey, evaluation of training effectiveness and audits in response to requests from NHS England, Commissioners or the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives. Team members are CQI 9001 qualified auditors.

National Provisions

NARU maintains several national provisions under its Quality and Improvement commitments, including Service Specifications and the National Safe System of Work.

The Safe System of Work

To protect staff and patients during high risk operations, the NARU Quality and Improvement Team develops and maintains the National Safe System of Work for several specialist capabilities.

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The National Safe System of Work

“The Quality and Improvement Department’s main focus is on standards.  Our ‘Quality’ work involves developing and monitoring standards for specialist Ambulance capabilities. 

Our ‘Improvement’ work involves continually reviewing and improving those standards, the ultimate aim being to ensure our operations are safe and effective.”

Christian Cooper, Head of Operations, NARU

The Proclus SOP App

The main components of the safe system of work are accessed via a dedicated online application.