Interoperable Capabilities

Developing and improving national standards


The principle function of the CQA team in NARU is to develop and improve the national standards that maintain the set of interoperable capabilities.

The Interoperable Capabilities are:

  • HART – Hazardous Area Response Teams
  • MTFA – Marauding Terrorist Firearms Attack
  • CBRN – Chemical / Biological / Radiological / Nuclear
  • Mass Casualties
  • Command & Control

NARU’s Interoperable Capabilities


National Standards

National Standards are developed by NARU.  They include the contractual standards for interoperable capabilities which are then incorporated into the EPRR Core Standards by NHS England.



Each of the interoperable capabilities are further described through a set of Matrices.  These sit between the National Contract Standards and Standard Operating Procedures.

For more information on matrices and how they work, refer to the CQA National Provisions document.

You can download the current matrices here:

You can download the spreadsheet of the HART Estate Specification here

Support to Commissioners and Trust Boards

These videos provide further information for Commissioners and Trust Boards on operating the interoperable capabilities.

Information for Trust Boards

Information for Commissioners

You can read more about the work we do with Commissioners here.