NARU Research, Evaluation and Monitoring

HART Albermarle 3NARU is research active and each year supports specific projects to help further scientific knowledge and understanding of resilience.

As part of the new approach to raise awareness and disseminate knowledge, this area of the website is being updated so we can highlight some of our key research activities and update everyone on the progress and outcomes of any latest research and evaluation that is being undertaken by NARU.

NARU’s research, evaluation and monitoring activities are overseen by Dr Antonio Zarola. Please contact Dr Zarola¬†directly if you have any questions about this work or area.

Please find below some further information about one of our current projects.

Understanding The Factors That Influence The Health, Well-Being, Resilience And Capability Of Ambulance Commanders.

Research question/s:
There were two key research questions associated with this project:

  1. What are the behavioural competencies of effective commanders?
  2. What factors (whether these are individual, environmental or collective) influence ambulance commander resilience, capability, health and well-being?

Research Update:
We have now completed the survey of Ambulance Service commanders (closing date 3rd February 2015) and would like to thank all commanders who participated in this phase of the research.

The results from the survey are currently being analysed. The findings from the survey will be combined with the data that has been gathered from the preliminary behavior-based interviews held with commanders in 2014.

A short research report on the main findings will be made available through the NARU website in due course.  We aim to extend the research in 2015 and hope to include many more commanders in the next phase of this work.