HART Training

Specialist Training

HART Inside The Inner Cordon
HART personnel must undergo rigorous specialist training at the National Ambulance Resilience Unit (NARU) Training Faculty before they can be deployed. This involves:

  • Training in use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) such as PRPS, CR1 suits, Breathing Apparatus and Gas Tight Suits.
  • A three-week residential IRU training module which covers everything from clinical training, CBRNe and equipment & vehicles, through to team building, welfare and command & control.
  • A three-week residential USAR training module which covers issues such as safe working at height; specialist clinical training such as crush and blast injuries, suspension trauma, triage and confined space medicine; equipment and vehicles; a thorough range of practical exercises and; welfare and health & safety issues.
  • A three-day Inland Water Operations course featuring flood theory, water incident organisation and multi-agency working’ self rescue techniques and bank based rescues, river crossing and wading techniques, working in boats and specific clinical issues related to water.

HART training is ongoing and features regular fitness assessments, ongoing PPE training and refresher training, reflective practice and Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

The latest HART Service Specification can be found here.