The SECAmb HART teams work alongside their SECAmb colleagues and fellow emergency services to provide additional life-saving support, triage and treatment at the scene of hazardous incidents.

They have receive intensive training including the use of breathing apparatus and gas-tight chemical suits to enable them to enter hazardous areas, providing treatment to patients earlier and therefore improving clinical outcomes. SECAmb’s HARTs are also working towards forming the ambulance service’s maritime incident response team (AMIRT).

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Latest News & Incidents

SECAmb announces appointment of new Chairman

Following an extensive recruitment process and appointment by Trust’s Council of Governors, Richard Foster will join SECAmb on 31 March 2017…

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SECAmb announces appointment of new Chief Executive

South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SECAmb) has appointed a new Chief Executive….

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SECamb HART support Kent Fire and Rescue Service as microlight aircraft crashes into tree

A major rescue operation was launched after a microlight aircraft piloted by a 91-year-old man crashed into a tree. The casualty, who was trapped inside for up to two hours…

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