Useful Links: Paramedics

  • BASICS (British Association for Immediate Care)
    BASICS is a charity founded to support provision of skilled medical help at the site of an accident or other medical emergency, or in transit.
  • College of Paramedics
    The College of Paramedics is the recognised professional body for paramedics and the ambulance profession in the UK. The College represents its members in all matters affecting their clinical practice and supports them to achieve the highest standards.
  • NHS Careers – Paramedics
    Paramedics have a highly responsible role, often being the senior ambulance service healthcare professional in a range of emergency and non-emergency situations. You will be one of the first healthcare professionals to arrive at the scene.
  • NHS England - EPRR
    How the NHS plans for, and responds to, a wide range of incidents and emergencies that could affect health or patient care

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