Resilience Capabilities Programme

Responding to key national emergencies

NARU’s work directly contributes to several key strands of the Cabinet Office’s Resilience Capabilities Programme

The Resilience Capabilities Programme (RCP) – managed by the Civil Contingencies Secretariat of the Cabinet Office – aims to increase the UK’s capability to respond to and recover from civil emergencies.

It does this by understanding what capabilities we need to deal with the consequences of emergencies, regardless of whether those emergencies are caused by accidents, natural hazards or man-made threats. The programme then coordinates cross-government efforts to build those capabilities.

The interoperable ambulance capabilities coordinated by NARU directly contribute to a number of key strands of the RCP through the provision of NHS Paramedics who can operate in high risk environments to support the response to a wide range of emergencies falling under the remit of a range of Government departments.