The NHS Ambulance Service

A central role for NARU

Playing a central role within the NHS ambulance service

Funded by NHS England, NARU works in tandem with all NHS ambulance services in England. Sometimes we also work with other ambulance services in the devolved nations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

The NARU service is constituted under a contract between NHS England and a host ambulance trust, currently West Midlands Ambulance Service University NHS Foundation Trust (WMAS).

Ten NHS ambulance trusts across England provide unplanned clinical assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. (Separate ambulance service management arrangements are in place for the Isle of Wight via the Isle of Wight NHS Trust).

Around 11 million 999 calls were received across the NHS ambulance service during 2018/19, with the service responding to around eight million separate incidents.

On average, nine out of ten of these calls are for non-life-threatening injuries or conditions, but the ambulance service also plays a pivotal role in providing emergency treatment to the remainder who are in serious need of medical help.