Expertise in specialist ambulance service delivery

NARU comprises a team of subject matter experts and support staff to deliver its core aims and functions.

This team has established interfaces with the Department of Health, NHS England, NHS Commissioners and other external bodies including the Health and Safety Executive, multi-agency partners and other expert bodies, enabling it to effectively represent the Ambulance Service and support the local delivery of Emergency Preparedness Resilience and Response, as detailed in our Annual Business Plan.

The NARU Contract and its delivery is managed through a Contract Management Group with representatives from NHS England and West Midlands Ambulance Service University NHS Foundation Trust.

The day to day management of NARU and the effective delivery of its services is managed through a Central Management Team (CMT).

There are three departments in NARU, each led by a Head of Service, as follows:

Each of these departments works to strategic objectives set out each year in the NARU Annual Business Plan and they work in close partnership with representatives from each NHS ambulance service. A series of sub-groups operate under NARU CMT to support the delivery of its work streams and facilitate effective stakeholder engagement.