Embracing innovation and research to deliver world class evidence based educational modules

Our Strategic Objective:

“Increase ambulance service preparedness for dealing with major and complex emergencies through the provision of high-quality training and education aligned to the national risk register and current doctrine.”

Key Deliverables for 2022/23:

  • Continue the development of national competencies and training standards for interoperable capabilities in accordance with established legal and professional obligations
  • Develop, produce and deliver a range of national training courses or products to achieve the required obligations set out in the NHS England EPRR Core Standards and national doctrine
  • Support and coordinate local level training and exercising for interoperable capabilities to enhance Ambulance Service emergency preparedness
  • Manage the NARU Central Stores and logistic evaluations

We will embrace innovation and research to deliver world class evidence based educational modules, enhancing the resilience of Ambulance Service operations, the wider NHS and influencing multi-agency partners.

The NARU Education Centre Vision

The Education Department is led by the National Head of Education. It includes a highly regarded Education Centre which is accredited to provide training and education to the health sector. The centre is co-located with the military’s Defence CBRN Centre at Winterbourne Gunner in Wiltshire.

The principal function of the Education Department is to maintain consistency and quality of training across the Ambulance Service interoperable capabilities.  As well as delivering world class training courses for the ambulance sector, the department also works closely with trust training managers to develop and enhance locally delivered training.

The centre has a world class range of facilities available on-site and also uses a number of other training facilities throughout the UK, such as those belonging to the military and local fire and rescue services.

NARU’s Education function is based upon the integrity of safety critical systems such as standard operating procedures, the competency of staff to perform operational duties and the maintenance of exceptional educational products.

Its activities cover:

  • Initial Hazardous Area Response Team (HART) initial modules 1-3
  • Initial HART Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) initial module 4
  • HART continuity training and coordination of specific modules such as personal protective equipment (PPE) training
  • Command education – both single and multi-agency
  • Specific table-top exercise writing and facilitation
  • Specific live exercise planning
  • Evaluation of educational modules
  • Research based development of future modules
  • Logistical support in terms of facilitating stockpiles and issue of PPE and associated equipment
  • International liaison with training

“The aim of the NARU Education Centre is to do as much as possible to mitigate the inherent risks to staff of deploying to particularly difficult, challenging or dangerous incidents.

We do this by ensuring that they are thoroughly trained and professionally equipped to protect themselves and their colleagues whilst treating patients and ultimately saving lives in extremely hazardous situations.”

Dave Bull QAM, NARU Education and Command Training Lead

You can visit NARU Education’s website here.

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