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NARU’s main aim is to support the resilience objectives of NHS England, the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives (AACE) and Ambulance Commissioners, putting patients first and the safety of staff at the forefront of any planned response.

NARU works nationally on behalf of each NHS Ambulance Trust in England to provide a coordinated approach to emergency preparedness, resilience and response.

Through central coordination, NARU enables NHS Ambulance Trusts to work together to provide a safe and reliable response to major, complex and potentially protracted incidents.

Consistency in implementation of core deliverables is essential if ambulance trusts across the country are to remain prepared and resilient to deliver an effective national response capability at all times.
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 Recent Terrorist Attacks

Britain has been subject to three terrorist attacks in as many months.  Our thoughts are with the family and friends of all those affected.

NARU is immensely proud of the front-line Ambulance Staff that have been instrumental in providing patient care and saving lives.

We continue to work closely with Ambulance Trusts and our NHS stakeholders to ensure the specialist capabilities needed to respond to these atrocities are robust and ready to meet the needs of our patients.

The NARU Central Management Team

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AACE Annual Report 2015-16

The HART Service Specification 2016-17

NARU Motorway Incident Guide – Oct 2015

Major Incident Initial Action Cards – Oct 2015

Ambulance Service Command & Control Guidance – Oct 2015

Mass Casualty Vehicle Information Pack – July 2015

NARU HAZMAT-CBRNE Guidance – March 2014

NARU Annual Report 2013-14

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