Identifying lessons learned from everyday responses to challenging events

NARU’s bespoke PROCLUS system leads the way in helping identify lessons learned from everyday responses to challenging events by Hazardous Area Response Teams from every ambulance service in the country.

It also provides a central informatics platform for use by all ambulance trusts offering users access to timely data and other forms of information with the aim of supporting NARU, HART and those involved with special operations in their preparation, response and recovery from operational responses.

The platform enables standardisation across all HART units and services, locally and nationally, and helps to establish nationally consistent standards and safe systems of work.

Access to PROCLUS is provided to all staff, agencies and other stakeholders involved with the ambulance services response to high-risk or complex emergencies.

The PROCLUS platform continues to take advantage of ongoing technological advances to support and foster a sense of individual and collective confidence and preparedness for those involved in special operations.

The link to the PROCLUS login can be found here.

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