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NARU publishes a range of training aids and operational publications that are used daily by thousands of ambulance staff

Use the left to right slider to view NARU-developed documentation. The table below that features a wider range of documents produced by our wider ambulance partners and stakeholders.

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AACE Annual Report 2019-2020

Annual Report from the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives.
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Ambulance Service Command & Control Guidance – July 2019

Guidance to provide a structured process to assist in the Command & Control (not management) of the NHS response and recovery elements as part of the multi-agency partnership.
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Ambulance Services and the Pandemic – Dec 2021

Review of the UK ambulance sector’s challenges and response during Covid in 2020-21 – AACE, Dec 2021

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Clinical Guidelines for Major Incidents & Mass Casualty Events – NHS England – Nov 2018

Clinical guidelines for use in a trauma major incident or mass casualty event.
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Commander Assessment Tool – Operational Commander

NARU Commander Assessment Tool for Operational Commanders
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Ebola – Information for Ambulance Staff – Nov 2014

A selection of Ebola resources from NARU, NHS England, PHE, the WHO and HSE.
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EPRR Guide Ambulance Commissioners – March 2013

Emergency preparedness, resilience and response – A guide for ambulance commissioners by The NHS Confederation
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Initial Operational Response – Oct 2013

IOR programme introduced following extensive research and NHS-wide review of clinical decontamination processes.
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Joining HART: Eligibility criteria for applicants – Jan 2011

Physical restrictions and other disqualifiers
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Major Incident Initial Action Cards v2 – June 2021

National Major Incident Action Cards.

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Management of Hazard Group 4 VHFs – Nov 2015

Management of Hazard Group 4 viral haemorrhagic fevers and similar human infectious diseases of high consequence.
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Mass Casualty Vehicle Information Pack – July 2015

Details of the contents of Mass Casualty Vehicles and any specific requirements for the host ambulance trust regarding checking and routine maintenance.

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NARU Annual Business Plan 2021-22 – July 2021

Business Plan describing for all interested stakeholders, staff and the management team at NARU how we will continue to deliver and improve on our services

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NARU Clinical Update – September 2020

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Commander Assessment Tool – Tactical Commander

NARU Commander Assessment Tool for Tactical Commanders
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HART Team Leader Assessment Tool (July 2021)

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NARU Education Centre Command Strategic Assessment Tool

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NARU Motorway Incident Guide – Oct 2015

Guidance for Ambulance Service response to incidents on the Motorway Network (including Smart Motorways)
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Playing a Central Role in the Ambulance Services

A summary of the work of NARU and the vital role it now plays in improving resilience across the whole NHS ambulance service.
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Sample Person Specification: HART operative

A sample Trust person specification for a typical HART operative
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Sample Person Specification: HART team leader / supervisor

Sample Trust person specification for a typical HART team leader / supervisor
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The Duty of Care for Ambulance Responders – April 2021

The moral, professional and legal obligations of the Duty of Care, and how it applies to Ambulance Clinicians and Commanders

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