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NARU’s main aim is to support the resilience objectives of NHS England, the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives (AACE) and Ambulance Commissioners, putting patients first and the safety of staff at the forefront of any planned response.

NARU works nationally on behalf of each NHS Ambulance Trust in England to provide a coordinated approach to emergency preparedness, resilience and response.
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CMT Update – August 2016

NARU has published the 2016/17 version of the HART Service Specification.  This document sets the national contract standards for HART and is available via the publications section of this website here.  Revised specifications for MTFA and CBRN are currently being drafted.  NARU has also been asked to produce similar contract service specifications for JESIP and Ambulance Service Command. 

NARU continues to support NHS England in the coordination of Pandemic Flu Preparedness for 2016/17.  This remains the highest ranking threat in the National Risk Register of Civil Emergencies.  Ambulance preparedness will be tested over the next 3 months in exercises Cygnet and Cygnus. 

The NARU Education Centre has increased the number of USAR courses available to HART Operatives following a request from the National Operations Group.  HART Managers can secure places on these courses via a bidding process at each meeting of the Operations Group.  Uptake continues to increase for the national command courses with extremely positive feedback from candidates.

NARU has recently written to Ambulance Trust Finance Directors providing an update on the capital replacement of HART assets (fleet and incident ground technology).  Trusts should be preparing to submit purchase orders now.  The first vehicles conforming to the NARU specification have rolled off the production line in Germany.  These vehicles are assigned to Yorkshire Ambulance Service and a small group of NARU Officials, Staff Representatives and Trust Managers inspected conducted a final inspection at the end of July.  The first of these vehicles will be in service by the end of September and represent the next generation of HART capabilities. 

ZEAL Solutions have recently published the results of a Resilience and Capability Survey specifically examining the uplift / voluntary section of staff delivering an MTFA response.  The survey results have been shared with EPRR managers in Trusts (under protective cover) and action plans are currently being developed. 

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The HART Service Specification 2016-17


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Major Incident Initial Action Cards – Oct 2015


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NARU Annual Report 2013-14

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