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NARU’s main aim is to support the resilience objectives of NHS England, the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives (AACE) and Ambulance Commissioners, putting patients first and the safety of staff at the forefront of any planned response.

NARU works nationally on behalf of each NHS Ambulance Trust in England to provide a coordinated approach to emergency preparedness, resilience and response.
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CMT Update – May 2016

NARU has supported NHS England during the recent industrial action by Junior Doctors.  NARU officers working in the Department of Health Incident Room monitored pressures within the Ambulance Services across England and provided a key link between NHS England and each Ambulance Service in the regions.  NHS England has asked NARU to convey its sincere thanks to all Ambulance Staff on duty during the periods of industrial action for their extra efforts in managing the pressure and demands.

The Hillsborough Inquest Findings, returned on the 26th of April, are of significance to each of the emergency services.  NARU is working closely with English Ambulance Services to review levels of commander competence and ensure the legal duty of care owed by the Ambulance Service to members of public caught within major incidents and high risk environments is properly understood.  Commander courses continue to be run by the NARU Education Centre to promote a nationally consistent standard at operational and tactical command levels.  Extremely positive feedback has been received by candidates on these courses. For more information, visit the NARU Education website.  NARU also delivers lectures on the legal duty of care for responding agencies at the Fire Service College and College of Policing.  These lectures will now be updated to incorporate the implications of the Hillsborough Inquest findings. 

NARU has commissioned a film to raise awareness of Board level liabilities in relation to high risk ambulance operations.  This film is targeted specifically at Ambulance Service Executive and Non-Executive Board Members and will be distributed this month.   

NARU continues to support the Cabinet Office review of the MTFA capability in the UK.  As part of this work, a new service specification for MTFA has been drafted which will inform revisions to the NHS England EPRR Core Standards covering MTFA.  For more information on how service specifications work and where they fit in across the NHS, see the Compliance and Assurance section of this website.  The new MTFA service specification is expected to be published within the next three months.

The draft multi-agency CBRN Joint Operating Principles are now in their final version.  They are being produced by the National CBRN Centre which includes embedded NARU officers.  Once these JOPs are completed, NARU will produce a new service specification for CBRN with corresponding interoperability standards.  This, in turn, will inform the development of the NHS England EPRR Core Standards for CBRN.

Progress continues to be made on the new HART Standard Operating Procedures.  This is a significant amount of work involved in getting this SOPs to the final draft stage including extensive regulatory research.  The first batch of SOPs will be released this Spring.  For more information, see the Compliance and Assurance section of this website.

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