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NARU’s main aim is to support the resilience objectives of NHS England, the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives (AACE) and Ambulance Commissioners, putting patients first and the safety of staff at the forefront of any planned response.

NARU works nationally on behalf of each NHS Ambulance Trust in England to provide a coordinated approach to emergency preparedness, resilience and response.
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CMT Update – Winter 2015

All UK Ambulance Trusts achieved the IOR (CBRN Initial Operational Response) roll out requirement at the end of September. NARU has confirmed the position as of the 1st October 2015 to NHS England and the Home Office.

NARU has received the National Capabilities Survey Report from the Cabinet Office team and we are working with local Ambulance Trust EPRR managers to support local action plans. The findings of this survey are also feeding into the specification reviews of interoperable capabilities (HART, CBRN, MTFA etc) being led by NARU.

NARU continues to support the review and revisions to current multi-agency MTFA operating principles on behalf of English Ambulance Trusts. As part of this work, we have also been asked to support (FCO) Foreign & Commonwealth Office and HO (Home Office) initiatives both at home and abroad over the next three months. 

The new safe system of work architecture for HART teams is progressing well. Drafting groups are being established for the 12 new Standard Operating Procedures. If any HART qualified staff are interested in supporting this work they should advise their HART Manager who in turn will consider nominating them on the approved form. A team lead by Marc Rainey (LAS) has managed to complete over 90 equipment data sheets in the last month representing another significant step forward.  

NARU has started work on developing NHS commissioning specifications for the national CBRN and MTFA capabilities. The first drafts should be ready for consultation by early December 2015.  

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