AACE launch Ambulance Volunteering Strategy and website pages

Volunteer driver

The Association of Ambulance Chief Executive (AACE) has published its volunteering strategy for the ambulance sector on their ewly created volunteering website pages.

This new national strategy demonstrates the sector’s commitment to supporting and enhancing volunteering opportunities which help the sector to meet the needs of patients, promote the wellbeing of staff and reinforce the ambulance service’s role in our communities.

This first AACE volunteering strategy was developed following extensive engagement and collaboration with ambulance sector volunteers and staff. It outlines how volunteers will be recognised as reliable, skilled individuals who are representative of the communities they serve, while themselves viewing ambulance services as inclusive community organisations that they are proud to volunteer for.

The wider aim is for health and care systems and partners to view ambulance service volunteers as key contributors to the collaborative delivery of services.

AACE know that many people seek out volunteering opportunities in different sectors to build their skills, broaden experience and support their local community.

They want to signpost these valuable people towards the ambulance service and show them what there is on offer. The volunteering pages on the AACE website showcase the range of volunteer roles available and how to get involved.

AACE national lead for #AmbulanceVolunteering, Helen Vine said:

We recognise and appreciate the significant benefits volunteering brings to patients, staff, ambulance services and volunteers themselves.

I know that working together to implement this strategy we will continue to enhance the care given to patients and families, support our staff and act as positive ambassadors for the ambulance service.

If you are interested in #AmbulanceVolunteering or you are already an ambulance volunteer you can find out more here.

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