AACE publishes Annual Report for 2013-14

Anthony Marsh Wolverhampton UniA message from AACE Chair, Dr Anthony Marsh QAM.

2013/14 has been an extremely busy and exciting year for AACE with further consolidation of the management team, a move into new offices and the on-going coordination of a wide range of activities focused on taking our nationally agreed priorities forward for all Ambulance Trusts.

Read the AACE Annual Report here.

The NHS in general has had a challenging year with new structures being put in place and significant changes in key staff both at the Department of Health, NHS England and other major organisations. The many reviews taking place and the never-ending impetus for more change designed to improve the NHS offer to patients has never been greater. The impact of the Francis Report and the subsequent call for the tightening of regulations has created a challenging environment for any membership organisation to operate within.

Layout 1The AACE has risen to the challenge and has been at the forefront of leading the response to reviews such as those by Sir Bruce Keogh “Transforming Urgent & Emergency Care Services in England” and Sir Ken Knight “Facing the Future”, both of which provide important stimulants for enhancing the role of ambulance services as the frontline of the NHS and as an emergency service working in close collaboration with our ‘blue light’ partners.

Closer to home, AACE has played a key role in developing ambulance leadership, recognising the expanding contribution ambulance services are fulfilling within the transformation of the NHS, and we have provided a strong central voice in negotiating on major issues for our workforce.

The AACE Annual Report can of course only outline the scale of the work that has been undertaken during 2013/14 and the achievements and progress this has driven. It provides a useful summary to demonstrate the commitment AACE has to its Members in representing and supporting them.

Read the online ‘page-turn’ version here.

You can download the PDF of the full report here.






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