Counter Terrorism Policing (CTP)
have collaborated with specialists from the PSHE Association and Girlguiding to take terrorism safety advice into the UK’s classrooms and youth organisations for the first time.

Security experts from CTP have commissioned the creation of an animated core film designed to teach young people how to react if caught up in an a gun or knife terror attack.

The film, aimed at 11 to 16 year olds, will also show them what to do if they see suspicious behaviour or a suspicious item.

Versions of the new film for Key Stage 3 and 4 pupils, (ages 11-14 and 15-16), will be the cornerstone of teaching material, specially-designed by the PSHE Association and available to Schools and Youth organisations from today.

Once young people understand the RUN HIDE TELL advice they can progress to TREAT, which has been created in conjunction with St John Ambulance.


This age-appropriate First Aid guidance has been specifically designed to allow a teacher or youth leader to show young people how to deliver trauma first aid to an injured person or themselves whilst HIDING and waiting to be rescued by the police.

All materials needed to deliver these sessions can be found here.


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