Ambulance leaders responds to NHSE/I’s Review of Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services

The Association of Ambulance Chief Executives has today responded to NHS England & NHS Improvement’s Review of Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services.

Speaking on behalf of the Association of Ambulance Chief Executives (AACE) Rod Barnes, Chief Executive of Yorkshire Ambulance Service, said:

The NHS ambulance sector welcomes this timely review of non-emergency patient transport which plays a crucial role in the smooth and effective running of the wider urgent and emergency care system.

The results of the review chime with our own opinions that we should now be capitalising on the best elements of current PTS provision and improving on those areas where inconsistencies create real problems for patients and providers.

We are cautiously supportive of the recommendations contained in the review and see the implementation phase as being key. The permissive nature of the review’s findings in relation to future commissioning mean that there are still some inherent risks of contract fragmentation.  We also note that financial assumptions regarding cost neutrality are dependent on future changes such as clinical practice and reducing costs of low emissions vehicles.

As a sector, we will continue to work closely with our NHS colleagues during the review’s implementation phase with a maintained focus on improving the patient experience, especially for those with a medical or severe mobility need.”

Download the NHSE Review here.

Read NHSE/I’s statement here.

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