Ambulance leaders support launch of a national anti-bullying document

Today saw the launch of a national anti-bullying document, developed with the support of an alliance of healthcare bodies, including the Association of Chief Executives

The document is available to read here, and as a partner in the alliance, the Association of Chief Executives AACE issued the following statement:

“The AACE is wholly committed to, and supportive of, improving the health and wellbeing of ambulance staff across the UK. Employee health and wellbeing is intrinsic to the AACE’s strategic priorities.

The AACE works closely with the National Ambulance Strategic Partnership Forum (NASPF), as well as with other partner organisations, to enhance its understanding of workforce issues and support UK ambulance services in helping their staff stay well and offering them support when they are not.

Ambulance services face the highest rates of bullying and harassment from staff in the NHS. Cultural audits at the local level have equipped our leaders with an enhanced understanding of the realities of this issue.

Through the work of our Human Resource Directors’ Group with NHS Employers, we have produced ‘Tackling bullying in ambulance trusts: a guide for action’ whilst at local and national levels we are seeking to enact the cultural change required to reduce and ultimately eliminate bullying within our sector.”

For more information, visit NHS Employers’ supporting web pages on Tackling Bullying in Ambulance Trusts here.

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