Workers from across the ambulance service have been in mourning following the unexpected death of Peter Kendall, the 63-year-old Ambulance Adviser who was seconded to the National Ambulance Resilience Unit (NARU) and who was based at the Department of Health’s Emergency Preparedness Division in London for the past four and half years.


Mr Kendall was due to attend a meeting on 26th October but the alarm was raised when he failed to attend. He was subsequently found at home having sadly passed away.

Mike Shanahan, Deputy Director of NARU and Mr Kendall’s immediate line manager, said: “Peter was first and foremost a real gentleman and always found the time to talk to anyone wanting to speak to him. Peter’s passion was the ambulance service and he gave many, many hours of his own time to that end. Peter was one of the longest serving members of staff in the UK ambulance service and news of his passing away has shocked us all, including many in the wider NHS and Government departments. We would like to extend our heartfelt condolences to his family and we will all miss Peter immensely.”

Keith Prior, the National Director of NARU, said: “This is very sad news indeed – Peter was an exceptional member of staff who devoted his life to the ambulance service and to patients and he will be missed by all the team who have worked closely with him.”

Hayden Newton, Chief Executive Officer of Mr Kendall’s Trust, East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust, said: “Peter joined the ambulance service 48 years ago, originally starting out as a control room manager in Worcestershire before making his way to the East of England. Most will remember Peter from his days in the emergency preparedness team in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, where his commitment, hard work and extensive knowledge really came into their own. Peter was recently seconded to the Department of Health, where I know his expertise was highly valued and appreciated. Respected for his work not just locally, but nationally as well, Peter was a long standing friend and colleague to so many of us and will be very sorely missed.”

Russ Mansford, Mr Kendall’s former manager at the Department of Health, said: “Peter was always extremely professional in all that he did and was dedicated to the ambulance service and to patients throughout his working life. He was a very dependable colleague – you could give him any task and you would have complete confidence in his ability to deliver. He will be very sadly missed.”

Mr Kendall will be given a full ambulance service funeral which will take place at St Peter de Merton Church in Bedford at 13:00 on the 21st November. Donations are to be made to the Ambulance Service Benevolent Fund rather than flowers. East of England Ambulance Service will provide a Trust Wreath for the coffin and the family will provide the rest of the flowers.

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