Award for six-year-old who saved mum by dialling 999

A six-year-old girl saved her mum’s life by calling 999 just three days after a paramedic visited her school to teach children what to do in a medical emergency.

Malak Touak was at home in Pinner when her mum Zahia Halfaoui, 48, fell unconscious.

The schoolgirl has been given a London Ambulance Service public recognition award for her actions and Malak’s 999 call is being released in a bid to encourage parents to show children how to call for help.

Malak remains calm and composed, telling call handler Nichola Cruickshank that her mother is diabetic and she can’t wake her.

The girl had already put her mum into the recovery position – after remembering the advice given by paramedic Jarrod Farrell just a few days before at Coteford Infant School.

She also followed the call handler’s instructions to open her mother’s airway and check her breathing. Malak said: “I was very scared. I just wanted to get some help for my mum.”

When the ambulance arrived at Malak’s home, she asked the crew to show some ID before she let them into her home.

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