BBC1’s Ambulance – last episode of London Ambulance documentary on tonight 9pm

Watch Ambulance on BBC1, tonight at 21.00

Last week’s episode of Ambulance, which reached over 4.75 BBC One million viewers at peak, was the BBC’s most popular documentary of the entire year. Tonight, we see the final episode, ‘The Weekend Shift’ appearing on the channel from 9pm (Tuesday 11 October).

Episode three, the last in the series, sees London Ambulance Service brace itself for a demanding weekend shift. In the control room, five babies are delivered over the phone on Friday night, but when Saturday comes, allocators are forced to make tough calls about who gets an ambulance quickest and who will have wait.

Meanwhile, ambulance crews across London are dealing with the consequences of the weekend, treating assault victims and those who have overindulged on drugs and alcohol.

And, as the weekend comes to an end, a call comes in about a miscarriage, and all the preparation in the world can’t shield the control room and the medics on scene from the emotional toll of sharing a personal tragedy.

Control room staff including Peter Crean, Carlaine Mair and Luke Fisher feature in this episode, alongside medics including Nick Mayer, Ned Starling, Dan Ryan, Donna Rolfe, Andy Whitehouse, Rich McGirr, Paul la Roche, Eoin Walker, Dean Bateman, Ian McIntyre and Abi Hollingsbee-Pert.

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