#BlackLivesMatter: A message to Londoners from LAS Chief Executive

These are unprecedented times: we’re fighting an invisible disease infecting our society which, if left to spread freely, is highly contagious. We have to root it out, stop it spreading and ultimately eradicate it once and for all, to enable us to live, thrive and survive successfully into the future. And the name of insidious virus attacking the fabric of our society? Racism.

Like all of us, I have been shocked and profoundly affected by the events of the last week or so, since the tragic death of George Floyd in America. Across the country, and across the world, people from all walks of life and all ethnic backgrounds have been standing up and saying #blacklivesmatter.

Whilst, in the UK we may not have exactly the same challenges as in the US, I only have to talk to any of my black colleagues in the London Ambulance Service to know that, all too often in this country as well, the colour of our skin still dictates the way we are treated; whether at work or in society more generally. [Read more in article]

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