Digital resilience and capability: how NARU is supporting staff

By Tony Zarola, CEO of Zeal Solutions Ltd

Over recent years, the mental health and well-being of all Ambulance Service staff has continuously been raised as something which is critical for the delivery of high quality of care for all.

Recognising this fact, NARU, in partnership with Zeal Solutions, monitors the mental health and well-being of all HART personnel through the Resilience and Capability assessment (R&C). In 2020, the R&C assessment went digital and is now provided through the secure PROCLUS platform.

The digital assessment is expected to go live in July/August 2020 and offers all involved access to important real-time information and developmental resources. Individuals, teams and units will be able to access and take immediate action on their own results.

Nationally, the new process also offers NARU insight into the preparedness of all units, ensuring any support to strengthen preparedness can be completed in a timely and informed way.

  • Individual: Once an individual has completed their assessment they will receive a personalised report. The focus here is on their resilience. They will also be able to access some resources to support their development of their resilience.
  • Team: Once a minimum number of team members have submitted their assessments, this will generate a team report. This will help Team Leaders engage in conversations which aim to support team development and well-being.
  • Unit: Once a minimum number of staff have completed their assessments, a Unit report is generated. This will support managers in making decisions about where to focus and how to maintain resilience and preparedness.

As part of the support Zeal are offering, we are also going to visit each Unit (physically or virtually) to demonstrate how a suite of specific support videos and resources can be used to support individual and collective resilience.

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