How ambulance staff can discover the healing power of music with the Blue Light Symphony Orchestra

The Blue Light Symphony Orchestra (BLSO) is a unique charity that’s all about wellbeing through music. Founded and run by those who’ve served or are serving in the emergency services, they have a deep understanding of the pressures you face daily.

That’s why they focus on creating music-making opportunities and music therapy specifically for you.

BLSO is not just any charity. It’s home to the world’s only symphony orchestra made up of emergency service personnel. They know shift work can make it hard to commit to weekly rehearsals, so they designed their workshops to be flexible and commitment-free.

This has allowed many to reignite their passion for music, even after years of silence.


Originating from its use in WWI military hospitals, music therapy has grown into a proven technique for addressing both physical and emotional regulation. It’s been successful in easing anxiety and depression, reducing stress symptoms, and providing an alternative way for emotional expression.

That’s why at BLSO they’re creating one of the first music therapy programs designed for emergency service personnel. And don’t worry, you don’t need any musical experience to benefit from it!

Their next workshop is on Saturday 9th March in Westminster, London, near Victoria Station.

So why not learn more about BLSO and perhaps even join their musical family?
Visit their website here to find out more and get involved.

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