“It happens every single day” – verbal abuse takes toll on LAS’ 999 call handlers inepisode 3 of BBC’s Ambulance documentary

The harsh reality of daily verbal abuse and aggression from 999 callers comes under the spotlight in the next episode of BBC One’s Ambulance documentary on Wednesday (30 September).

Emergency call co-ordinator Amy, who had been working in London Ambulance Service’s control room in Waterloo for less than a year when the series was filmed, deals with two abusive callers during the third episode of the latest series.

In the first of the calls, Amy answers the phone to a woman who says she is being assaulted by her partner, but then launches into a tirade of verbal abuse towards Amy.

Later in the episode, Amy deals with a call from a man who says he’s going to blow up a building, then refuses to tell her where he is and again subjects Amy to a series of abusive language.

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