Joint Organisation Learning: A JOL Online update

By Charis Taylor, JOL Coordinator, JESIP

Each day during the pandemic we have been learning, whether that’s gaining new information on efficient ways of enhancing our resources or honing the way we respond to each potential patient.

As the information we receive around COVID19 evolves, so do the actions of our responding organisations. We are not responding the same way we did back in January… so what caused us to change and improve? What have we reviewed and updated and why?

JOL Online is the only national database for sharing multi-agency lessons identified and notable practices. We know people are coming up with new ways to maintain business as usual whilst working from home and we know there are many other innovative ideas that can be shared with other areas and organisations.

The only way we can continuously improve is to identify lessons and new ideas that can enhance the way we work. Sharing real-time learning during the response means organisations can immediately improve, rather than waiting for debriefs after the event. 

The way we work is going to be affected for many months to come and so sharing information with our partner organisations should still be a priority. If you are struggling with resources but have information you can share, you can contact the JOL Coordinator for assistance with your submission.

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