Latest episode of ‘Ambulance’ shows the contribution of voluntary Emergency Responders

The episode, airing on Wednesday at 9pm on BBC One, goes behind the scenes of two busy weekend shifts where LAS faces the challenges of Extinction Rebellion protests and People’s Vote marches and an IT systems outage which means the Service’s Emergency Operations Centre control room teams must use pen and paper to take down information from 999 callers.

Filmed in the autumn of 2019, viewers will see the variety of what a weekend day shift can bring for the country’s busiest ambulance service – from advanced paramedic Kevin responding to a cardiac arrest to crewmates Emily and Laura treating a 100-year-old who has fallen. All this while protests across central London pose the challenge of how crews can ensure they reach patients quickly.

Viewers will also see Gary and Fabio – two of around 150 LAS Emergency Responders (ERs) - on shift. Retired police officer Gary and Fabio – who works in finance – volunteer their spare time responding to patients in the capital.

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