Mapping solution for first responders

Ambulance Resilience Coordinator Mark Norbury

Around the country communities, especially those in sparsely populated rural areas, often have Community First Responders to provide early Basic Life Support until the arrival of the Ambulance. This support can mean the difference between life and death and is a wonderful service provided by many willing volunteers.

However one of the problems these volunteers face is finding their patient’s homes sometimes in the dark and often when the house has neither a house number nor a name board. In an attempt to resolve this conundrum, NARU has been working with the Ordnance Survey to develop some software to assist.

Says NARU National Ambulance Resilience Coordinator Mark Norbury:

“A trial has just ended and the results are enormously encouraging. Many Community First Responders managed to quickly find their patients and get to their sides to support them. NARU will now pass the results of the trial on to the National Community First Responder group for them to take forward as they wish.

For more information contact Mark.

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