NARU Annual Business Plan 2014-15 published

NARU BUSINESS PLAN 2014-2015 A440PP v3CRThe National Ambulance Resilience Unit (NARU) has published its Annual Business Plan for 2014-15, which can now be viewed online here.

Compiled by NARU Director Keith Prior, the Annual Business Plan is a crucial document that describes for commissioners, stakeholders, staff and the management team at NARU how the Unit will continue to deliver and improve on the services it provides during the new financial year.

This is the second Annual Business Plan produced by NARU, and is used as a working document (in conjunction with the detailed NARU Work Plan document which comprehensively itemises and lists the on-going work of the Unit) throughout the year, to ensure NARU is delivering its objectives effectively.

Says Keith: “Apart from containing a review of our progress against last year’s plan – where we achieved all of our objectives, incidentally – the Annual Business Plan also sets out our strategic vision, our operational objectives and key performance indicators for the coming year, as well as our financial planning model and details of our annual planning cycle, performance management, how we will manage risk and how we will ensure the highest standards of governance. In short, it is the operational blueprint for the entire NARU workload for the new financial year.”

The document is available here.

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