To help give a broader flavour of some of the specific work the NARU Capabilities Team have undertaken in the past year we thought we would give you some bullet points to show how NARU personnel have continued with on-going involvement in various initiatives including:

  • Development of Memorandums of Understanding between Ambulance Services and Police Services for the provision of nerve agent antidotes during CBRN incidents and for the provision of a safe undressing procedure during CBRN incidents.
  • Developed and delivered a bespoke training package in collaboration with the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI) for the training of key NARU staff and EP Trust leads in auditing techniques and process.
  • Delivered a HART aide memoire pocket field guide to all HART team leaders and operatives.
  • Specification development of the next generation of HART vehicles based on operational experience and learning.
  • Human Factors study conducted by Optimal Performance to validate the Response Stream CBRNE Guidance and determine the resilience capability of ambulance responders operating in PRPS.
  • Annual review of national HART risk assessments for vehicles and equipment.
  • Implemented a robust NARU central stores facility at Winterbourne Gunner.
  • Introduction of 24/7 NARU capability with on-call provision.
  • Engagement as a standing member of Police CBRN National Practitioners Group.
  • Engagement as a standing member of Fire & Rescue Service CBRN National Users Group.
  • Engagement as a standing member of MoD Technical Response Force Co-ordinating Group.
  • Engagement as a standing member of DSTL Armour and Protection Cross Government Community of Interest Group.
  • Engagement as a standing member of the Home Office Multiply Purpose Protective System Layer (M3P) PPE Project working Group.
  • Engagement as a standing member Emergency Services PPE Working Group.
  • Support to the PNCBRNC Operations Room.
  • Review of AMLO / NILO and development role profile based on the national occupational standards.
  • MTFA cross boundary working group.
  • Engagement as a standing member of the IOR Project board.
  • Central procured ballistic protection for English Ambulance Services.
  • Re-negotiation of the Excelerate contract equating to a £70,000 saving per Ambulance Trusts service and maintenance contract for Excelerate Technology data provision.
  • Develop bespoke procurement frameworks for Ambulance HART specific equipment e.g. Safe Working at Height, Inland Water Operations PPE and Incident Ground PPE.
  • Procurement of 500 replacement PRPS PPE as part of the NHS strategic national stock pile of PRPS.
  • Stock replenishment of consumable items and service of ventilators on 24 mass casualty vehicles across England.
  • Member of the JESIP Situational Awareness Group.
  • Member of the JESIP Doctrine Group.
  • Provided Subject Matter Experts to deliver expert input to various JESIP sub groups.

For more information contact Tracy Redman.

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