The NARU Education Centre – 2017 in numbers

Since January 2017, the NARU Education Centre has conducted 120 courses or events.

Over 1,887 delegates / attendees have been through courses or events coordinated or delivered by the centre during 2017. This is a significant increase on last year, mainly due to the increase in MTFA, command and USAR courses.

Key figures are:

  • 95 HART initial trained staff (includes EDBA)
  • 102 USAR trained staff
  • 42 PRPS Instructors
  • 166 MTFA trained staff (non-HART)
  • 273 Operational commanders
  • 198 Tactical commanders
  • 12 Breathing Apparatus instructors
  • 108 Amber 3 additional players & Observers

The figure of 1887 delegates / attendees does not include other events conducted at Winterbourne Gunner such as the PCA trials of Ballistic PPE, or the three incident debriefs facilitated.

Dave Bull QAM

NARU Head of Education and Training, Dave Bull QAM, says:

“Our evaluation of the last IRU course demonstrates that although there is always room for improvement, the quality and achievement of learning outcomes remains exceptionally high. This evaluation is not unusual, with very positive delegate feedback and a definite increase in confidence levels of delegates.

The consistency in course output and delegate learning experience is an area my team are exceptionally proud of, and throughout the year we have received informal feedback of how the techniques, tactics and practices that delegates learn on the courses, are used to enhance patient care and incident response.”

View the Training Courses available at the NARU Education Centre here.


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