NARU host trust set to become first university ambulance service

Picture: WMAS

NARU host trust West Midlands Ambulance Service is set to become the first University NHS Foundation Trust in the country.

In a ground-breaking move, the Trust is working with the University of Wolverhampton to become the first university ambulance service.

As a result, the Trust is engaging with stakeholders, patients and the public on changing the organisation’s name to West Midlands Ambulance Service University NHS Foundation Trust.

NARU National Director Keith Prior has welcomed the move saying:

“WMAS, as the NARU host, are working with NARU and Wolverhampton University to also include NARU Education within the University umbrella. This would provide and embrace academic learning within the NARU courses such as Command and Specialist Capabilities.

“This would further enhance NARU as a world class education facility and a world leader in pre-hospital specialist capabilities.”

To read the full WMAS press release click here.


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