NARU hosts Baltic states delegation at request of Foreign & Commonwealth Office

At the request of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, NARU hosted a special delegation of Health Policy Leads from across the Baltic states in September, all of whom were eager to learn more about how the UK prepares for and manages mass casualty major incidents.

The delegation observed a HART final exercise at the NARU Education Centre near Salisbury, where they were impressed at the professionalism and realism of the training they viewed.

Afterwards, the NARU Capabilities team gave a demonstration of mass casualty kit and equipment that is now in use in the UK, the result being that many of these specialist items will now be rolled out for use in the delegation’s home countries.

The FCO civil servant who set up the meeting and also attended the day was so impressed by the work of NARU that he was moved to write afterwards;

“Thank you again for a fantastic day – definitely one of the highlights of my working life to date!”

Christian Cooper, NARU Head of Compliance, said:

“It is always positive to be able to share good practice with our neighbours in other countries and even more positive that the FCO chose NARU to perform this important task.

“Our visitors were extremely impressed with the quality of our people and our equipment and I am pleased to say they left with a range of new ideas for improvements in their own local responses to mass casualty incidents.”


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