NARU input to new Triage Sieve


The New Triage Sieve

With the publication of the 2013 Ambulance Clinical Practice Guidelines (JRCALC) it was acknowledged that now ambulance services are all practicing C<ABC> in their initial patient assessment, that the standard Triage Sieve needed to be updated to take account of the importance of initial assessment and treatment of catastrophic haemorrhage.

The National Ambulance Service Medical Directors Group (NASMeD) asked NARU Medical Director John Stephenson to lead on this work and this resulted in the new NASMeD Triage Sieve being published in 2013 for use by all ambulance staff at a Major Incident.

John Stephenson

NARU Medical Director John Stephenson

Says John: “Fionna Moore, Chair of NASMeD and Medical Director of London Ambulance Service was very keen that the new Triage Sieve fitted with standard ambulance day to day clinical care.

This is because when staff attend a major incident it is best that they continue with standard clinical practice and do not have to change into major incident mode – the reasoning being that when we are under stress it is best to do more of our usual job rather than try and remember to do something different.”

NARU distributed posters of the new Triage Sieve to all Trusts.

Click here to see the new Triage Sieve.