NARU joins forces with CQC to develop new inspection regime framework

NARU is supporting the Care Quality Commission (CQC) with high level expert advice and input that will help the CQC to improve the quality and consistency of their own future inspections of ambulance service interoperable capabilities.

The interoperable capabilities are highly specialised and presented a considerable challenge to CQC inspections previously, which tended to focus on more generic emergency preparedness and resilience. 

This collaboration between the CQC and NARU will increase the consistency of inspections focused on this specialist area and subject these capabilities to enhanced scrutiny.  It will also help recognise the considerable work undertaken on a daily basis by our NHS Ambulance Services to maintain these specialist capabilities. 

NARU’s Head of Quality and Improvement, Christian Cooper, said:

The interoperable capabilities are used to extend NHS care into high-risk situations so maintaining these services to a high standard is essential for patient and staff safety.

The Quality and Improvement Department within NARU has the subject matter expertise required to develop and maintain national standards in this area. It is therefore a natural fit for my team to support the CQC in the development of their inspection framework which covers the interoperable capabilities.

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