The National Ambulance Resilience Unit (NARU) today launched NARU NEWS, a newsletter that is designed to keep its stakeholders up-to-date with everything related to NARU developments and national ambulance resilience issues.

The newsletter will be published three times a year (every four months) in electronic format, with all issues stored on the NARU website.

A PDF version of the magazine will be available, but for those who prefer to view a version using page-turn software, a separate issue in that format will also be made available (this requires Flash player to be installed on the user’s device or PC).

The new initiative is in line with the vision and values of NARU, one of the
organisation’s key aims being to remain transparent and open, regularly
communicating with all of its key stakeholders about the work it is involved in.

The newsletter is produced and edited by the NARU Stakeholder Engagement Lead Carl Rees who will welcome relevant submissions for consideration of publication.
Carl can be contacted at or 07958 547727.

Publishing timetable

Our publication and deadline dates are as follows:

Summer Issue: Published early August – deadline for submissions: end of June

Winter Issue: Published early December – deadline for submissions: end of October

Spring Issue: Published early April – deadline for submissions: end of February

View latest issues

Issue 1 – Summer 2012 (PDF format)
Issue 1 – Summer 2012 (page-turn software format – requires Flash player)

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