NARU marks Emergency Medicine Day by sharing what inspires HART paramedics Hannah and Sam

The aim of this year’s Emergency Medicine Day is to unite the world population and decision makers to think and talk about emergency medicine and emergency medical care. 

The European Society for Emergency Medicine believe it’s important to build awareness about the need for well developed, well prepared and well organised emergency medical systems everywhere in the world to increase survival and reduce disability after any kind of urgent or emergent medical situation. 

On this Emergency Medicine day, two of our HART paramedics, Hannah and Sam, share what inspired them to join UK HART, the roles they do and what they most enjoy about their profession.

Sam, HART Paramedic at Ashford, said;

When I first started my paramedic degree the station I joined was attached to a HART base, during my 3rd Manning shifts it was always intriguing to see all their equipment and vehicles when the chance arose.

Ten years down the line, having done multiple jobs with Ashford HART, the intrigue got the better of me and I have just completed the majority of my training to join the team!  What drew me in was the extended training, team working and the training locations I’d pay to go to anyway! 

Learning alongside FRS and the other national HART trainees was a great shared learning experience. I particularly enjoyed the team working nature, working at height and water aspects to the training that cross over with my own enjoyment of outdoor activities.

Joining HART has given a refresh to what is a demanding career and especially having gone through the last few years of the COVID pandemic its given me a boost and drive to continue learning. 

Hannah, a HART Paramedic at Gatwick, stated;

Prior to starting a Paramedic Science degree, I completed a FdSc in Rescue and Emergency Management, where I first discovered HART and the role that they provide.

FdSc Rescue and Emergency Management led me to be qualified in Swift Water Rescue Awareness, Rope Access, and Patient Assessment in Hostile Environments.

I really enjoyed these disciplines, but knew I still wanted to be a paramedic, so I was thrilled to learn that a HART paramedic was the perfect combination of emergency medicine and technical rescue, and I decided then that HART was the dream job for me.

I’ve been in HART for 4 years now and love coming to work, being part of a team and having opportunities to train in areas that I’d happily pay to do as hobbies!

My favourite disciplines are Water Rescue and Safe Working at Height, and I’m currently enjoying training to be a Water Rescue Instructor

Commenting on this year’s Emergency Medicine Day, Keith Prior, National Ambulance Resilience Unit Director, said:

Paramedics who join Hazardous Area Response Teams (HART) help people in the most challenging and dangerous situations.

Their training and expertise is of the highest level and I am so pleased to have team members such as Hannah and Sam on our side to help save lives and improve clinical outcomes for patients.

I’d like to mark Emergency Medicine Day by urging all paramedics interested in joining us to get in touch as soon as possible.”

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