NASMED & BASICS publish latest Guidance on Working Relationships between Ambulance Trusts and Immediate Care Responders

The British Association for Immediate Care (BASICS) is a charitable organisation that was originally founded in 1977. The Association was restructured during 2020 and now encourages the terms The Association and Affiliated Immediate Care Responder rather than BASICS and BASICS Responder.

The Association promotes standards and training, encourages communication between schemes and regulates an accreditation scheme for its members. Accreditation is not mandatory for Affiliated Immediate Care Schemes or Affiliated Immediate Care Responders but is strongly encouraged and brings numerous benefits.

This document aims to support the development of Affiliated Immediate Care Schemes’ standard operating procedures and policies in relation to their Affiliated Immediate Care Responders acting on behalf of Ambulance Trusts. It also outlines suggested Clinical Governance reporting and assurance processes between schemes and Ambulance Trusts.

Whilst this document offers a framework within which Association Affiliated Immediate Care Schemes and Ambulance Trusts will operate, it is expected that local variations will be required to fit in with local practice. Policies should be ratified by the relevant Ambulance Service Trust and the Affiliated Immediate Care Scheme.

Although membership of the Association brings significant benefits for individual members and schemes, it is recognised that there are a small number of immediate care schemes, which are not affiliated with the Association and sit outside the Association’s guidance framework. It is recommended that this governance document remains a guide to good practice and is adopted by these schemes.

Ambulance Trusts are encouraged to support these schemes in re-engaging with the Association recognising the benefits of affiliation with a national body.

Read the Guidance here.

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