More PRPSI training dates announced as NARU Education Centre builds on successes

NARU have been running a bespoke PRPSI course since 2013. Predominately delivered at the NARU Education Centre at Winterbourne Gunner, NARU has at times been requested to take the course to a wider audience within the NHS and deliver it locally.

NARU PRPS Training, Gibraltar
NARU PRPS Training, Gibraltar

The course has been designed to train competent PRPS wearers to PRPSI level, and is primarily aimed at NHS Decon and HART teams, and employees of the NHS ambulance services. NARU can also deliver this course to regional acute trusts via NHS England, as it has the responsibilities under the EPRR service specification.

The last two years has seen NARU undertake PRPSI training as far afield as Gibralter and Northern Ireland, delivering courses to a diverse range of professionals, including:

  • ambulance paramedics and technicians
  • HART / SORT operatives
  • senior A&E nurses
  • Acute NHS Trust Emergency Planning managers
  • Health Care Assistants and Porters
  • Environment Agency managers
  • Ports Authority staff
  • utility company staff
  • Police officers

As well as being competent PRPS wearers, the course delegates should hold or be working towards a teaching/instructor award. The course is held over one day and contains both a theoretical and assessments.

Steve Carpenter MSc, Senior Contingency Planning and Resilience Manager at SECAMB, gives his thoughts on the PRPSI experience:

“I personally found the PRPS instructors’ course very helpful as it firstly enabled me to consolidate my skills as a PRPS wearer, while at the same time it gave me the confidence to pass on the knowledge acquired on the course to colleagues back within my Trust.

Being able to meet PRPS instructors from other Ambulance Trusts and gaining from their knowledge made the course a richer experience, which can only benefit my colleagues and Trust as a whole.

It was clear that the NARU instructors based at Winterbourne Gunner have extensive knowledge of the subject and were able to effectively pass this onto the students through a course which was well structured, thought provoking and sufficiently adaptable to meet the needs of the students”.

For further details on PRPS, as well as the many other courses we offer, visit the NARU Education Centre.


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