News story: Act FAST campaign

Public Health England launches a campaign today (9 March) that aims to save lives by showing people how to spot the signs of a stroke.

The award winning Act FAST campaign is building on the success of previous campaigns by screening two new TV adverts throughout March. The ads show people the signs and symptoms they should look for to identify someone suffering from a stroke:

  • Facial weakness - can the person smile? Has their mouth or eye drooped?
  • Arm weakness - can the person raise both arms?
  • Speech problems - can the person speak clearly and understand what you say?
  • Time to call 999

See the ‘Act FAST’ TV advert

The Act FAST campaign has been running since 2009 and the latest TV adverts have been updated with new actors and scenarios to help spread the message about the signs and symptoms. In addition to the TV campaign a separate strand of activity aims to convey these messages specifically towards the black and minority ethnic (BME) community. This is because people of African and South Asian origins are twice as likely to suffer a stroke as people of European origin.

Professor Kevin Fenton, National Director of Health and Wellbeing at Public Health England said:

This Act FAST campaign can help save lives. Stroke is a treatable condition and continues to be the third leading cause of death in England and the largest cause of adult disability.

It’s therefore important that people know the signs and symptoms and call 999 immediately if they see someone having a stroke. The sooner they get medical attention the better their chances of a good recovery.

As the advert says, “The faster you act the more of the person you save.”

For more information visit the NHS Choices website

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