News story: Rewarding military and civilian medical excellence

The 2014 Military and Civilian Health Partnership Awards are looking for exceptional examples of people or teams who have made a difference to the health and well-being of service personnel, their families and veterans.

Launched today, 16 June, by defence minister Anna Soubry and health minister Dan Poulter, nominations are being sought for people and teams who have come up with innovative ideas in the Defence Medical Services, the NHS, or the independent or voluntary sectors.

These awards are a valuable opportunity to recognise the excellent medical care that has been delivered, and the strong working relationships that have developed, over the past decade whilst our armed forces have been in Afghanistan.

A Royal Navy medic examines an X-ray
A Royal Navy medic examines an X-ray (library image) [Picture: Leading Airman (Photographer) Stuart Hill, Crown copyright]

It is also an opportunity to recognise the benefit of shared research and translate what has been learnt on and off the battlefield across the health sector.

Launching the awards, the Minister for Defence Personnel, Welfare and Veterans, Anna Soubry, said:

The Military and Civilian Health Partnership Awards are designed to reward the unique and innovative projects and initiatives that provide regular and reserve military personnel, their families or veterans with the very best in health and social care.

With the drawdown of armed forces personnel from Afghanistan, this year’s awards are particularly poignant. It is important that the skills gained are recognised and not lost, and the relationships that facilitate this world-class healthcare are maintained.

An army nurse
An army nurse operating medical equipment at Camp Bastion hospital in Afghanistan (library image) [Picture: Sergeant Barry Pope RLC, Crown copyright]

Dr Dan Poulter, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Health, said:

Our armed forces community and veterans are some of our bravest and best. It is important that we recognise the outstanding contributions that medical professionals make in helping them have the very best health and social care. I encourage everyone to nominate those who have helped make a difference.

The deadline for nominations is Sunday 27 July. Details of the awards, including how to make a nomination, are available at

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