Paramedic leadership in ambulance trusts in England: new report published by NHS England

Paramedic leadership in ambulance trusts in England_June 2023 front cover

An important new report, “Paramedic leadership in ambulance trusts in England: Understanding the synergies and differences with other allied health professions’ leadership and leadership development” has been formally launched at the seventh annual Chief Allied Health Professions Officer’s (CAHPO) conference.

Endorsing the publication, and thanking those who contributed to it, Suzanne Rastrick, Chief Allied Health Professions Officer for England and Daren Mochrie, NWAS CEO and AACE Chair, said:

Research has consistently demonstrated the value Allied Health Professions (AHPs) in leadership positions bring to health and care providers ultimately improving patient outcomes and experiences.

I am therefore delighted to share the latest addition to the AHP leadership research collection which focuses on paramedic leadership and paramedic leadership development in the ambulance service in England. While this report demonstrates many synergies to earlier work in AHP leadership, it also highlights areas that will need augmentation within the ambulance service. This report has been achieved through working with multiple groups and individuals who have openly and willingly imparted their insights and expertise, including my counterparts in the UK devolved administrations. To everyone involved thank you.

Professor Suzanne Rastrick OBE FRCOT FRSA
Chief Allied Health Professions Officer, England

I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Chief AHP Officer at NHS England for undertaking this work specifically addressing paramedic leadership and paramedic leadership development. As paramedic practice develops further, professional leadership diversity at all levels up to and including, board positions will further increase in importance.

This document provides five evidence-based recommendations to support this. Collectively we must continue to work across the ambulance service to fully harness the leadership skills and attributes of our paramedic colleagues.

Daren J Mochrie QAM MBA Hon. DHC Dip IMC RCSEd MCPara
Chief Executive Officer, Northwest Ambulance Service NHS Trust
Chairman, Association of Ambulance Chief Executives

You can read the report here.

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